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Homebridge Mortgage

Pete Minarich (941) 782-2077

Specializes in Energy Efficiency, Proficient on FHA 203k Contruction & reno Loans

If you want some additional information call Peggy (941)704-4569 and I will send you some info.

Adomatis Appraisal Service   Green Appraising.   

Sandra Adomatis . Vice President of Appraisal Institute , (941)505-8783  email: 

Appraisal Institute - has adopted an addendum that should be used when Appraising a Green Home. There are Certified Green Appraisers available in your area.  

Check out Sandra's website for a volume of Links, Webinars, etc. on Green Construction and Energy Efficiency


Fabulous resource page.


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Peggy Christ
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